Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do the Half Way Dance!

What happens when you add 5.27 to 1.75? You get 7.02. What happens when you add 80 to 25? You get 105. But, what's it all mean? 

7.02 miles in 105minutes53seconds was my run tonight! I can run more than half the distance for the half marathon!

I will give you the full rundown tomorrow, but for now I turn to my Muscle Milk and the best I can muster for an ice bath (hey I moved to Florida for a reason!) leave you with this:

P.S. Those vanilla pudding tubes are actually the inserts from the hubs' cool vest he wears while riding so he doesn't fall off his motorcycle from heat stroke.


  1. great run! sounds like a tasty ice bath :)

  2. Thanks! It felt amazing to go that far. :) I think those ice packs are a good size and shape too because I am hardly sore.

  3. That comment about the vanilla pudding tubes has me craving pudding. Great job on your run!