Monday, May 16, 2011


How does one get through a day when they are truly ravenous? It starts with 5 ounces of chicken salad (homemade, with 0% Greek yogurt instead of mayo for extra protein and no fat) and two pieces of toast. Then it turns into 2 cups of cantaloupe, which quickly leads to lunch promptly at noon. Lunch of course was potatoes (left over grilled sweet potatoes) and ham with beans. Afternoon snack isn't far behind that, with 2 packets of oatmeal made with vanilla soy milk (again extra protein). After one's 3rd liter of water they head home from work where they have a 1/2 serving of ham and beans with a 1/2 serving of cheese. Hardly any time passes before one enjoys a biscuit (and the little, mangled one that only counts as a 1/2) with a bit of butter. This of course is only to help oneself get on to dinner, which turned out to be another liter of water and some Triscuits (who knew the cracked pepper and olive oil Triscuits were this good?!) and 4.5 ounces of chicken salad.

That sounds like a ton, but it amounts to this:

1793 calories
37.9 grams of fat
107.4 grams of protein
42.8 grams of fiber
Plenty of vitamin A, C and D with a good amount of iron, but not quite enough calcium (calcium should at least 1,000 mg/day but I only hit 795).

I am quite sore today, of course I'm not at all surprised. I'm not sure when I am going to run tomorrow, but I think it has to be in the morning. I see it being quite slow, with a lot of stretching before hand. I guess I need to get to sleep to have time for all the stretching and to make it to the office by 8am.

Sleep well everyone!


  1. I really want you to post your recipe for biscuits! I need a good one =).

  2. I don't know why I never thought of using greek yogurt instead of mayo! I will definitely have to try that.
    Oh, and those Triscuits are super good! They can definitely take the place of flavored potato chips!!

  3. I will put up the recipe in my next post; it's so good! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I wish I could eat so nicely portioned like that. Usually in my lunch bag I've got a PB sandwhich on whole wheat bread, a snack size hummus, a small baggie of carrots, a mandarin or clementine and sometimes a salad- all of which is usually digested about 15 minutes after I eat it. This new metabolism from running is killing me haha

  5. Also, I am a huge fan of Hungry Girl and all of her recipes. She uses soy milk and greek yogurt, egg beaters, etc as low fat/high protein substitutes. I <3 it!

  6. nice work keeping track of all your stats! it feels good to be aware and in control of everything you are eating.

  7. Thanks! I definitely have those stats for one reason - My Food Diary. I pay $9 a month to track my food. It's a great service. There is one for no cost as well, sparkpeople, but I can't part with one of the MFD features: at the end of the day I hit 'complete' and it tells me, 'If everyday were like today you'd' and then it proceeds to tell me whether I'd lose, maintain or gain weight and how much.