Friday, April 1, 2011

Fitness Friday

I decided to do my 30 minute run today, since I was incredibly sore from yoga yesterday. I did take a hot bath, which helped a lot. On deck today is 30 minutes, and I am going to do it on the treadmill because I want to watch Home and Garden increase the speed on my sprint portions. Today's goal:

3 minute warm-up
5 minute run at 4.0mph
1 minute at 5.5mph
2 minutes at 4.0mph (running)

Some ab work and upper body work should round out the workout.

This morning I took the rest of the bag of raw almonds and put them in the food processor in hopes of coming out with almond butter. I added honey as the liquid to help keep it moving, which it didn't, but it did make it nice and sweet. I added a bit of olive oil, which was the wrong oil since it has a strong flavor. Luckily I only added a little and it wasn't overpowering. Things were going great. I added some water to help keep the blob moving through the food processor. It was a lot chunkier than store bought almond butter, but it tasted good.

Instead of leaving well enough alone I decided to add some raisins to the mixture. The consistency is the same, but I don't like the taste of the almonds and raisins together. I think I will get more almonds to keep experimenting with as this is definitely easy and a lot cheaper! One more thing you can add to the list of things that make me weird. :)

Are there any staples that you make yourself because it's cheaper and not that time intensive?


  1. That is really interesting! You'll have to keep us posted on your next try. I made chicken broth the other day in the crock pot overnight and it was super easy and REALLY tasty!

  2. Hummus in something that I almost never buy, but make for myself. Much less expensive to buy tahini and chickpeas and make my own. Plus I can then add my own seasonings, which I like, and the end result is chunkier, which I also like. And granola, for the same reasons...less expensive, plus I can control what goes in. Most bought granolas are far too sweet for my taste.

  3. I have never successfully made hummus, which is so sad. I think I need to find a recipe and actually measure it out to ensure success. I always go way overboard on the garlic (and I really like garlic) and then add more beans and that doesn't help so I add more of something else. Six cans of beans later I have a big bowl of goo for the compost!
    Chicken broth is one thing that I can make! Whole chickens are cheaper and then you can make stock, which is great!

  4. Katie, you will learn to make hummus at my house when we meet - now we have to meet at my house!

    I make:
    all breads [buttermilk white wheat (white wheat is .74 a loaf), naan, pita, rolls, sweet rolls, etc.]
    dried beans instead of canned (cooked then frozen in bags for the convenience of canned)
    chicken broth (I keep a bag of trimmings, bit, leftovers and bones in the freezer)
    shrimp broth
    fruit & veg (diced and frozen, ready to use for cooking or smoothies)

  5. I so miss making yogurt! Since we moved I have had a very hard time finding raw milk or counter space for that matter with which to make yogurt. I know it's around, and once we settle into the new house I will definitely go back to making it. It tastes so good!!