Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Day, Another 2 Miles

My 30 minute run did not happen on Tuesday, but got pushed to yesterday. It's no biggie, it just means I do my short training days back-to-back. This time I left the pups at home, but went out even earlier in the day to ensure maximum heat and sun exposure. ;)  It went well! I was running a bit late to get a meeting on time, but I ended up getting in the entire scheduled time. I took my usual loop, which is 2 miles of timed running. It is a bit longer, but I don't count my cooldown for this one because it cuts through a school, which Google Maps doesn't recognize. I use Google Maps to map my runs because:

1. It's the program that I am most comfortable navigating
2. I have yet to find an armband for my Droid that will allow me to run with my phone to use JogTracker or MapMyRun

I did take a few extra walk breaks, but in the end came up out with a good time:

2 miles, 26minutes21seconds, for a 13minute10second mile pace


  1. Awesome! I wish there were decent running areas around here... The weather is finally turning around, but there is only a very small bit of sidewalk that I feel safe running on (the drivers here are insane!)
    Good job on your two miles!! :D

  2. Very nicely done! Sometimes I have to push my runs to different days because life can be unpredictable. As long as you get that run in though, that's what counts!