Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun Warrior and Training Day 3

I wasn't able to get to my distance Friday or yesterday, but it's ok because I knew that I had this morning. With 3 miles on the schedule, and it getting on towards 9:30am I decided to have some protein powder and 2 Shot Bloks. This was my first time trying out the Chocolate Sun Warrior Protein Powder that I was sent to review. I mixed 1/2 of a sample sized packet into a bit more than a 1/2 cup of my soy milk. It didn't mix well, but the instructions recommend mixing it with a blender or shaking it anyhow. The consistency wasn't gritty or chalky, but it was not thoroughly mixed. The flavor was great, with absolutely no chemical taste. The ingredient list, you ask? 1. Whole brown rice protein (bio-fermented raw sprouted whole grain brown rice protein), Cocoa, Pectin, Xantham gum (Natural bio-fermented stabilizer), Stevia. Excellent, so if you're interested in raw or no-GMO and high protein and iron content for 133 calories then this might be the stuff for you. And, never fear vegan, gluten intolerant folks it's a good choice for you too! The most impressive part of my experience with Sun Warrior up this is point is that my samples came with a hand written note! How incredible is that? 

With just the right amount of sugar and protein in my belly off I hit (with a hat and sunblock of course) the road. After a brisk 3 minute walk I moved into a sloooow run. I did a wider loop to make sure that I would hit my 3 miles. I was getting hot as I neared my 1/2 way point and decided to run closer to the beach for more breeze. I headed down to our town center for the last bit of my run, with the intent of running the last stretch of road that heads to the house, about 1/4 mile. I was going strong until I passed McDonalds and got a big breath of dumpster; my stomach lurched! Remembering what had happened the last time that my stomach lurched while running and I tried to push through made me promptly slow to a walk! 

Including my walk at the end and a bit of my warm-up walk, here are the results of today's run:

Training Day 3: 
A bit more than 3.1 miles, About 45 minutes, About a 14 minute mile

Disclaimer: I was not persuaded by Sun Warrior in any way regarding my review of their product. I received their protein powders for free, but did not receive any other compensation for my review. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions on how I came to do this review or the agreement under which I made this review


  1. I have the same problem with my protein powder. I shake and shake and it's all clumpy.
    Ugh, I ran by a restaurant this morning and all I could smell was grease! Yuck!

  2. Yay for a great run!! :) Nice job lady!!

  3. Running past any fast-food place is never a good thing! Great blog, glad I stumbled across it :)

  4. The smell was pretty awful! Thanks for stopping by Vanessa! Welcome to the blogging world!

  5. hmmm i've never tried doing a protein drink.. i might look into something like that for my long run recovery.

  6. Hey Ashley, I find it makes a big difference for recovery as well as a good snack or a pre-run drink if I don't want to eat anything. There are so many different brands and flavors, but I have found that vanilla has the least chemical flavor.

  7. Stick blender (think Bamix) is a good antidote for clumpy powder mixes.

    My hardest thing to balance right is hydration - I need to start being truly excellent about my hydration 12 hours before the workout or I'm going to be draggy. This is probably because I'm nursing, so my fluid needs are more intense.


  8. Lugging full water bottles around with me every day is a pain, but tends to ensure that I actually drink the multiple liters each day that I intend. Wow, long sentence!

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