Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Left, Right, Left, Right

I went out this morning for a run, knowing that I was hungry, tired and in a time crunch. 3 pretty good excuses, huh? With thoughts of the clothes I will buy at American Eagle with my gift card, I laced up, plugged in and headed out. I get the gift card if I meet all of my goals for January and February, which has gotten me out the door or on the treadmill twice now!

I warmed up and got a good pace going in no time. After running for 30 minutes I headed home to get ready for work even though I felt that I could have gone farther. I calculated my pace based on my time and distance to find that I maintained a 12 minute mile the entire time. Yahoo! (Are we supposed to say 'Google!' now?) It has been months since I have maintained that pace for 30 minutes. Accomplishments like this are just as good, maaaaaybe even better, than gift cards to American Eagle.

Run on!


  1. I hope it's a well-loaded gift card for all of your hard work! Keep it up!


  2. Rewarding yourself is a really excellent idea-- and cute new clothes seem to be sufficient motivation. I foolishly imagined, in my quest to drop some lbs, that being svelte and sexy by the summertime would be reward enough. Not so! Maybe I'll tell myself that for every five lbs I lose, I'll order something from modcloth.com, which has fabulous vintage-inspired stuff, but in normal people sizes! OMG, maybe a bathing suit in time for my trip to FLORIDA! Dang, it's a good thing I haven't had breakfast yet. It's too cold here to run, so I'll just have to deprive myself of comfort food. It's for a good cause. You keep running, and I'll keep eating apples instead of bagels. By March, we'll be both fit AND adorably-dressed!

  3. For some reason, my first comment didn't post... anyway! Rock on, Katie! Gift cards as incentives are such a good idea. Might be just the thing to keep me from indulging late night cravings!You're awesome!

  4. PS-- Rochelle and I just started training with aerial fabric. A friend is an aerial fabric performer and has agreed to help us learn! It involves some great conditioning exercises on the ground (and really fun stuff in the air!) We should trade workout regimes sometime. Cheers!

  5. My first post did not post either! Google has some collaboration problems with google docs, too.

    So, I am inspired -- in a yoga way. Thank you Katie! I got on the eliptical 15 minutes and then did 20 minutes of yoga. Twice today at work I climbed 4 flights of BIG stairs.

  6. Thanks everyone! Your visits and comments mean a lot to me and help keep me going.
    Val, I know nothing about aerial fabric, but would love to learn. It sounds like a lot of fun!