Sunday, January 23, 2011

And... She's Off

Saturday is my day for distance, as prescribed by Jeff Galloway. He is an Olympic athlete with many marathons and records to his credit ( He has his own website and books about training, but has also teamed up with Disney ( The Disney website offers training guides for their half marathon, marathon and Goofy's challenge (the half marathon followed by the marathon the next morning). The schedule for all of his trainings is reasonable, with 2 days per week focused on speed and 1 day per week focused on distance. 

We (my never cease to amaze me, incredible husband and I) were out the door early yesterday morning to undertake 6 miles. We started out walking briskly to warmup before switching to walk/run intervals. For 30 seconds we would run and 60 or 120 seconds we would walk. Nearing the half way mark we reevaluated how we were feeling and our goal. Six miles would be my furthest distance, nearly double any other distance I had completed and we decided to only go 5 miles. We also changed our running interval, so we were now running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute, with periods of longer walking and longer running. 

In 65 minutes we covered 4.75 miles at an average speed of 4.0mph. There was no wheezing, no crying or cursing the gods. A success! The bottom of my right foot was sore, but nothing that a bit of Harry Potter and a heating pad couldn't mend. Galloway's training program is 16 weeks long, but I am stretching it out to take me to my half marathon in September: 34 weeks. I will break down the weekly distance increases to reflect the extra time that I have to train. I don't have those changes sketched out completely, but I will post it for all of you lovely people to look at once it's done.

Today is an impromptu cross training day; an 8 mile bike ride (4 miles each way) to a taco place that has been recommended to me by a number of different people. Then, because we are good 'ole fashion Yankee Puritans we will come straight home for our Sunday date with Jillian Michaels!

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  1. It must feel great to see progress already! 5 miles ain't nothin' to shake a stick at. The last time I ran *a* mile, it was in high school gym class... and I wanted to die in the bleachers afterward. I think you've already proved to yourself that you can do this, now it's just a matter of sticking more or less to your plan. And I'm guessing it'll be more than less... 'cause you're a tough lady, and once you've made up your mind the rest of us can pretty much consider it done.