Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time for Round 2?!

As hard as my 1/2 marathon was, I knew I wanted to do another one. I liked the distance. I liked the training. I liked the discipline it required. It's time to sign up for another one. For all of my complaints and issues with Disney, I really enjoy running their races. The energy and enthusiasm is palpable. Not to mention the fact that since I know I can complete a 1/2 I can now incorporate other important factors into my training, like what kind of costume I want!

I don't particularly want to do the Wine and Dine again, but the timing just alines perfectly. If I give myself too much time to train, it becomes much easier to slack off. Committing to a fall 1/2 means I have time to spread out the miles and keep strength training. If I wait a little longer, I can confirm if they are doing the Princess 1/2, which is the one I reallllly want to run. It seems to happen on wedding anniversary weekend, which I think would make it all the more fun! Since it happens in February, the 2013 information isn't being mentioned yet.

I think this medal would look great next to my Wine and Dine medal, don't you? 

I'm heading for the drawing board to see how I could break out my miles for a race that wouldn't be for another 9 months or 11 months.

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  1. That is awesome that you want to do another one! I love the distance! Disney Princess is a great race! On the program for this years race, the date of February 24, 2013 was listed for next year. Registration opens in July I believe!