Friday, January 13, 2012

This Time, I'm Really Back

Yesterday was not my day, not exactly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, but still not a great one. The pups were more rambunctious than I was in the mood for when we were at the beach. I was feeling frustrated at how far I have to go before I will be stronger, thinner and fitting into my clothes. Going to pilates did not help me to feel better. 99% of the time I feel so much better after a workout, but not after last night's class. I had not 1, but TWO calf cramps, not two, but THREE foot cramps and at one point during an ab exercise I was certain that someone had glued me to the floor. What's the best part, you ask? I want to go back, of course!

If I don't go back I will never get better! 

I wish people understood this, and accepted that wherever they are is the perfect place to start from because not starting only makes you that much further from your goals and dreams. I may not have done every exercise or had perfect form, but I am that much closer to being able to do more and better. My cousin is a personal trainer and she always says 'A year from now you may wish had done it today' and that's a great mantra. 

My seed order came for the spring garden and I am so excited - lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, melons, beans, turnips = YUM I have my seed potatoes set and will plant them sometime this weekend. I love seeing my yard fill up with food that fills by belly - really, truly organic and local!
In our front yard we have 11 beds for growing vegetables and two apple trees (we have one Anna and one Dorsett, which are suited for Florida's mild winters). We can't wait to add more beds and fruit trees as well as chickens and rabbits to the mix. Oh, how I long for my own self-sustaining homestead...


  1. I'm pretty jealous of your garden! I keep thinking I want to start one, but then come to realization that I do NOT have a green thumb. Happy growing!

  2. Thanks! I will put up more pictures soon! You can always start in pots with some of the more forgiving things to grow, like basil or lettuce.