Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Must I Be a Teenager In Love?

          I pumped myself up mentally for my 9.5 miles - ate lots of protein and carbs during the day (a protein shake for breakfast (strawberry Gotein powder in coconut milk) followed by a Cliff Kids protein bar about 1 hour later, some pretzels for munching through the morning, a rummy serving of homemade mac n' cheese for lunch, a Lemon Zest Luna bar for my first afternoon snack annnnnnnnd finally a ham sandwich on wheat bread about 2 hours before my run), had strategically placed snacks and drank a lot of water. Straight out of the gate it was bad. My legs hurt and my feet were falling asleep.    I had hoped my Mizunos could handle the distance, but I think not. I tried to push through, I swear! I hit the point where my foot nearly cramped and called it. 106 minutes got me 6.66 miles. I stretched and headed home - calling the running store right when I got in the door.
          It's past their 10 day policy for returns, but I really can't run in these. I definitely don't want my money back, I just want my Brooks back. They wouldn't make me any promises over the phone, but told me to bring them in and they would take a look. Hubs was going to take me out to dinner tomorrow night since I have an all day work event on Saturday, to culminate the crazy month of planning that has been going on to get ready. I think I'm going to trade that dinner in for Saturday night and try the 9.5 tomorrow in my good 'ole Brooks.

          Do you have a relationship with your local running store? Would they take an store exchange 32 days later?


  1. It is worth going to see what they say! Hopefully if they want your business and for you to tell your friends, they will help you out!

    Good luck!

  2. What exactly is the matter with your Mizunos? Were you incorrectly fitted or you just decided you don't like them? Which model?

    I love both my Mizunos AND my Brooks, for different reasons.

    If nothing else (i.e., if they won't take the shoes back), maybe you can haggle a nice discount on the Brooks shoes.