Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Night Running

I was in a funk today at work, just couldn't hunker down and focus on the reporting that I had to get done. I had a 3:30 meeting at Starbucks and decided to cut early from the office to try working from there. It was a good decision, and I got a lot done - even deciding that I would try my 11 miles tonight at the gym.

My meeting went until 5:30, at which point I was well hydrated (even went with electrolytes before my run to help stock pile) and was finishing the new chocolate coconut, Cliff power bar. *I much prefer Luna's coconut flavor and lower calorie content.* I had my caffeinated Shot Bloks and my GuBrew, as well as my old Brooks for tonight's run.

I started out at 4.0, feeling pretty good and loosened up as the miles continued. I really dislike the taste of the GuBrew, salt is not my thing, but knew it would help keep me going at the end. I was sweating a fair amount, but my legs felt good and I tried to relax into my form. I started struggling around the 4th mile, knowing that I would stop at mile 6 and then re-start the treadmill for the remaining 5 miles. The t'mills at the gym don't let you do more than 99 consecutive minutes.

I took a short walk break, going from 4.0mph to 3.7mph and then ran the last few minutes to keep my 15 minute mile pace for the 6 miles. My legs were tired and my feet were hurting, but the belly rumbles were my bigger concern. I eeked out another mile of running and then finished the rest of the distance walking around 3.7mph. There was one moment were I thought I was going to have hit the dreaded 'STOP' and head for the trash can. For some reason exhaling makes my nausea worse so I tried to take deep breaths in and slowly exhale. I decided in the last mile that I should eat more Shot Bloks and drink more GuBrew. It was 9:00pm, besides if I was going to be sick I might as well see if what I actually needed was fuel.

Fuel helped. Got me home. I drank ice cold water and ate some plain noodles and grains of rice. A few minutes later I inhaled a 1/2 of an English muffin with butter and jelly before moving on to sopressata with string cheese and crackers.

I can't lie. I was a bit discouraged at all of the walking, and envisioned myself being swept from the course for not maintaining the 16 minute mile rule. I checked my pace in Runner's World and came in at 15minutes55seconds! WAHOO!

So, tonight:

175 minutes 14 seconds
15minute55second pace
11 miles


  1. Nice job sticking it out. 11 miles on the TM is pretty impressive. 11 miles in general is quite impressive as well!

  2. That's super impressive that you ran 11 miles on the treadmill KT!! And that you ran 11 miles and kept with it even though you felt icky. Keep reminding yourself that you are amazing for going for this half-marathon and that you are going to run 13.1 miles all at one time. That's an accomplishment no matter how long it takes you and we're still going to be proud of you no matter what. :)

  3. Thanks! :) :) :) How are you Maggie? I miss my EE ladies...

  4. Terrific work, Katie! I appreciate your telling us about the life and times of motivation.

  5. 11 miles - Way to go! keep going!!!