Sunday, July 31, 2011

Run! Run! As Fast As You Can! You Can't Catch Me! It's Time For... Fried Chicken?!

Hubs worked outside all day with the cousins, helping them get their place ready to put on the market. When they were done they headed out our way, with promises of a shower and dinner at the local fried chicken joint. My hop-to didn't quite happen, and I actually fell asleep for a bit. Don't worry, I got mine... Crazy Pup decided my forehead was a good launching pad to get her to the fly that was near the window. Fully awake after that experience, I changed into my running clothes and hopped onto the treadmill. The sweaty, hungry folks arrived soon after. I was 7 minutes into my workout, which had only been walking (think 3 miles per hour walking) at that point. I was still trying to convince myself that the walk was a good warmup choice and I would run after dinner. After the fried chicken. I know, I know...

Lucky for me, I have a wonderful support system who was willing to put off their fried chicken so that I could finish my 3 miles. I  who had napped while they labored in the 100 degree, Florida sun. I kicked it up in hopes of finishing ASAP.

In just under 45 minutes I finished the 3 miles, which I was very happy about since there is a 7 minute walk included in that time! I took some Tylenol before bed, which helped me wake up feeling great this morning. Next week: 9.5 miles. G. U. L. P.

Does anyone know if taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen decreases the amount of muscle making that takes place after a workout?

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  1. Hi!I'm not really sure about the Tylenol and Advil question...if you find out though let me know!

    And also YOU WON THE BIC BAND!!!!
    Please email me at with your address! Congratulations!!