Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daily Kick in the Butt

Does anyone get the 'Daily Kick in the Butt' from Runner's World each day? Sometimes they are really inspiring, like this morning's:

It's a long, hard road and it's going to have its bumps; there are going to be times when you fall and times when you don't feel like going on anymore, times when you're just crazy tired but it takes focusing on that one step you're taking. That's what I'm trying to do with the marathon; I don't think about the miles that are coming down the road, I don't think about the mile I'm on right now, I don't think about the miles I've already covered. I think about what I'm doing right now, just being lost in the moment. 

I wish I had read this before I headed out this morning. I knew that in order to run today I would have to be out the door at 5:30am. Luckily I have the most amazing husband, so I didn't worry about making dinner last night or cleaning anything, like all of the floors in the house. I also realized that I hadn't taken my Prilosec, which wasn't too bad since I made it to 7:30pm without noticing. When I decided to lay down on my stomach for a few minutes after dinner it quickly became apparent. I spent the rest of the night with a pretty upset tummy, but the double dose of Zantac and a probiotic helped a lot. Reading Harry Potter helped too! 

When my alarm went off I laid in bed for a few minutes, before getting up. I thought about how this moment is where I make a choice. I was tired and a little sore, but now was the moment to make the choice. Off I went to let the dogs out, put on my running clothes and of course munch a Shot Blok. It's already 70 degrees, but the humidity is approaching 90% so I knew I would have to take it slow. Of course being my competitive, hardly satisfied self I decided to push myself running and take extra walk breaks. Of course it averaged out, but going a little faster also helps my form and posture. 

I cut back sooner than I planned because I was getting too warm, which put me at 42 minutes and 42 seconds for my total time. I got in 3 miles exactly, which left me with a 14:14 pace. I'll take that given the weather this morning! 

Now that it's hot again, I need to take a quick shower before  I go out to run. I find a shower resets my temperature and helps to keep me cooler. Does anyone else experience that or I am completely weird? 

3 miles, 42minutes42seconds, 14minute14second pace


  1. Hmm, I might have to try your shower trick now that it is (finally!) getting warmer here.

    Awesome job on your run! :)

  2. Love the quote from Runner's World! I often need the extra motivation on my early morning runs/swims. Great job this morning - you really pushed through an upset stomach, VERY hot morning and got your workout in before the day even started! :) AWESOME!

  3. PS - where do you live in FL? I'm originally from FL so I know exactly what you mean about it being SO hot, even at 6am. I feel your pain :)

  4. being in the moment is great advice. focusing on what you are doing right then and not worrying about how many miles lie ahead. it can be easy to get overwhelmed tackling long runs when you are just counting down the miles. great post!

  5. I live in Jacksonville, just moved down 1 year ago.