Friday, May 13, 2011

3 runs + 1 week = SCORE

This is the first time in many weeks that I have gotten in all of my scheduled runs! I had a meeting this morning, and intended to leave a few minutes early to hit a class at the gym. I stayed for the entire meeting, and had an errand to run so instead I skipped the class and decided to do my distance run.

I hopped on the treadmill at the furthest end of the line. I was a bit anxious to find they do not have any big fans since I always position one right in front of me and put it on high. The treadmills themselves had fans, but I usually max those out 1/2 way through. The lack of a big fan kept me going slower, which was good because it meant that I went longer. On my distance days I am trying to work on just running for as long as possible with my heart rate down, regardless of the speed.

I had my Shot Bloks and took 1 each 1/2 hour and even had 2 swigs of water during the run. Yeah me! Around 65 minutes my legs were getting tired, and I decided not to push it. I went another 10 minutes before slowing to a walk and heading off for some stretching. I also did some upper body strength training!

Run totals:

4.67 miles, 75minutes, 16minute 3 second pace *Oh, for those of you who may not know about this tool, I use the Runner's World pace calculator. It's helpful to know my pace and I record this information on my training board too.

What helps you know when it's time to stop? Is it the distance? How your legs feel? How your stomach feels?  The amount of time that has gone by?


  1. I always have some kind of training plan bc I'm not yet one of those people who goes out and runs just for the fun of it. So I run whatever the plan says...or whatever I can fit into the time I have.

    BQ = Boston qualify. Luckily not one of my goals bc I'm nowhere near fast enough. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

  2. Way to stick to your running schedule! I didn't do as hot this week but got a few runs in and stayed mobile 24/ a chicken with my head cut off. Need to do better with weights this week. Life will slow down more this week...thank you baby Jesus!

  3. Ah, Boston Qualify - of course. Yep, the schedule makes a big difference for me. I still let running slip off of my schedule when things get hectic, which I don't want. Luckily, I am a morning person, but I don' always push myself to get out of bed and go for a run. Even though I like mornings, it's still a big shift to go from sleeping to running.

  4. I guess I just feel wiped and that's how I know it's time to stop unless I just have to get to a certain mileage then I push it to finish.

  5. N.D., I think that's a great way to do it: by listening to what your body tells you. How long have you been running?