Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On the Road Again

Training Day 2:
1.5 miles, 23 minutes, 13 minute mile

This week month has been crazy! Now that we are buying a house (yes! buying a house!) things don't look like they will slow down until I take a bit of time in the beginning of June. Wooh. I had lots of great excuses to forgo my run today, not the least of which were the presentation I am giving on Saturday and need to keep preparing for or the home inspection that I had to leave after 3.25 hours to get to another meeting... I'm not complaining! I signed up for all of these things, and am excited about all of them, I definitely considered giving myself a pass. Alas, it's Wednesday and day 2 of my official training and a great thing to do to refocus. I was tired at first, but I found a good song, turned up the music and kept moving until I found a rhythm. Said rhythm came just as it was time to go home so I could shower, get to the pet store, food shop and call the landfolk to tell them about the (insert squeaks and squeals here) house we are buying. The 5hour energy I took before leaving the house probably helped bring that rhythm out too.

This was just a quick post, but stay tuned because I received my free samples from Sunwarrior today, which sells raw and vegan protein powder. I am so excited to try this, and while I am away for work tomorrow and Friday I will definitely be bringing it along. Thanks Sunwarrior!


  1. You have some really exciting things coming up in your life! Yay for you!

  2. Thanks! It feels good to be getting further back on the track!