Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slow and Steady

I have a feeling that many of my posts would be aptly named 'Slow and Steady'. First: I did great at the conference! I ate all of the food that I brought, and had a very minimal amount of conference food. I did not eat any desserts or have any drinks besides water/flavored water. Both days I exceeded my fiber and protein goals, and did my workouts! I felt great, and I got compliments from people for bringing my own food.

This morning I used Google Maps to determine my route, since I couldn't take my phone that had a dying battery. Granted, I stayed home long enough that I actually ended up eating the other half of my breakfast before running, but I never plugged my phone in. Anywho, I went out thinking that I was going a little over 3 miles each way. The weather was pretty much perfect, with sunny skies and an ocean breeze. There were plenty of other runners and good songs on my iPod to keep me going, but it wasn't easy at times. I got tired, my knees started to hurt and my heartburn was hurting. I kept on though, and did the entire distance without any walk breaks! 1hr8mins51sec later I was finished, but found after rechecking Google Maps that I had actually only (I struck through this as I was rereading my post, because it undermines the distance that I did go! grrrrrr) gone 5.4 miles total.

So, slow and steady, right? It's still a 1/2 mile increase from last week's distance and a better time, at an average of 12min44sec per mile. My time includes a 3 minute walk warmup so I actually was a little faster (*I first wrote 'better' and then realized that using 'better' as a descriptor negates my accomplishment, or at the very least diminishes my accomplishment. A more positive, affirming and self loving way to say it is, simply, 'faster'.) than my pace indicates. I am proud that I did 5.4 miles without a walk break, but at the same time I feel deflated for thinking I had gone that extra .6 miles.

I was hoping to review the new Feetures! socks I got last week, but I am not sure I have used them enough. After 2 runs I really like the tab on the back, but that isn't something specific to this brand. I did feel a bit of friction from them at one point during my run this morning, but mostly they were not on my mind. Having my gear not be on my mind, to me, is a good thing because it means it's a good fit. I was wearing a regular baseball hat today too, which was too bulky and heat trapping for a 5.4 mile run. As for the socks, I will keep an eye out for more in the future. At $10.99/pair from the running store in town the price is a little too high for my budget. On the Feetures site they sell for $9.99/pair and on Amazon a 3 pack is $25.19 or $8.39/pair. THe list of running paraphernalia that I want continues to grow!

It's time for my post-race snack. I am thinking of a low-calorie/high-fiber wrap to be used as a pizza crust for a barbecue chicken pizza. A little bit of low-fat Cabot cheese with red onions, barbecue sauce and chicken breast sounds yummy! I know I have all the ingredients, because I requested it for dinner last night and my wonderful husband made sure we had all the fixings. I did not get home from my conference until 8:30pm last night, and the ingredients were all laid out on the counter waiting for me as well as a snack of cheddar pita chips. I'm so lucky!


  1. Hey, I'd rather be a slow and steady runner than a couch potato.
    And I definitely qualify as slow and steady, lol.

    Kudos to you for using more positive and loving words to talk about your running accomplishments! I need to start making a habit of doing that myself, especially during my mental chats that happen as I'm running.

    I'm still trying to find a brand of running socks that are pretty well reviewed. My basic white socks that I bought in an 8 pair pack just aren't cutting it anymore!

  2. Slow and steady is the way to build muscle and endurance and to build up your distance. And it's what got me through the half marathon today...slow and steady, one foot in front of the other. :)

    Way to go on keeping a positive outlook on your accomplishments with this run! You'll find even more as you continue to run and train that some days doing a long run will be a breeze and some days your legs are like lead. Both make you stronger, physically, emotionally and mentally. It's just harder to stay positive on days you just don't feel the run. Yay you!! :)

    A suggestion you might try for running socks is bike socks. I don't have an 'running' socks, but in warmer weather I use a pair of my bike socks as running socks and they've been great. They don't rub or chafe, they're padded well, comfortable, and the toe seam is small so my toes don't rub against it.

  3. Nice work! I keep getting stuck, either time restraints or "ability" at between 3 and 4. SO kudos to you for being up to 5.4!! Love the you changed your working to make it more positive. We can all take lessons from that! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

  4. Thanks everyone! Way to go Maggie, that is awesome! I forgot to wish you luck before your race, but it certainly doesn't sound like you needed it! YOu must feel great!

  5. Awe... you ARE lucky. I'm glad Schuyler is so supportive, and I'm even gladder that you're so supportive of yourself-- mindful even of your choice of words. Your running time and distance are admirable, indeed. And if you ever want to feel REALLY good about them, you need only request that I attempt to run a mile and call you afterward. Save it for when you're having an especially crappy day. You have my word that I will do it (assuming there isn't a foot of snow on the sidewalk) and that I will call you afterward so you can assure me that I am not going to die. Oh, what fun (for you)! In any case, I am ever so proud of your dedication and very real progress. That half marathon won't know what hit it!

  6. That's the mark of a true and dear friend, eh? Your encouragement is much appreciated.

  7. hey, I'd be happy to tell you more about the gall bladder stuff. I can email you if that's easiest. What's your email address??