Sunday, February 13, 2011

It Tastes Just Like Candy

When I ran my 5k at Disney, the goody bag we got included a package of Clif Shot Blocks. I had not exactly trained for that 5k and though I had registered well in advance my decision to run it was very last minute. By the time the race started I had eaten half of my Shot Blocks, which would be 3 blocks for 100 calories, 50mg caffeine and 12g of sugar. With no protein or fiber, they are just about a shot of caffeine and sugar. I finished the other half during the race, for another 100 calories and 50mg of caffeine. I liked the taste and given that they are not gummy bears I was impressed with the taste and the consistency. Yesterday I returned a sports bra that my husband picked up for me (too big) and got a pair of socks (blog post to follow once I try them out) and 6 packages of Shot Blocks (3 strawberry and 3 mountain berry flavor). I had ridden my bike the 3.5 miles to the bike store, and decided to eat a Shot Block on the way home. One didn't seem to make much difference.

I plan to try them out again this week, once for my Jillian workout and once for a run. I will let y'all know if they make a difference when I have 3 of them 30 minutes before my workout.

Yesterday was a distance day, and I did a 7 mile bike ride and a walk that was a bit over 5 miles. I didn't want to run and risk making my cold worse. It wasn't easy for me not to run yesterday, but I know that in order to do this 1/2 without injury and my love for running in tact I need to listen to my body and work with my body. Being goal oriented, it's hard for me to let go in the moment and change my plan even when I know it's best for me. Running is teaching me much more than how to deal with side stitches and remembering to keep my shoulders back and down!

What lessons have you learned from unexpected people or events?


  1. What lessons have I learned from unexpected people or events?

    Well, I once made a car full of friends pull over to help (what I thought was) a lady in distress. Turned out to be a belligerent drunken transvestite overfond of the F-word. It was unsettling at the time, but made for one hell of a really good story. Hindsight. I guess that's my point. It's hard for you to let yourself off the running hook for one day, but keep the big picture in mind. Looking back, you'll remember the marathon you ran, not the day you took off to take care of yourself.

  2. Ok, if I use Internet Explorer it lets me post. What gives, Mighty Google? Firefox is way better!

  3. Oh, and Annie the Tranny (while also overfond of the F) was really, really overfond of the N-word. That's what was unsettling. But she was an inspiration all the same. I think of Annie sometimes when I'm taking myself too seriously. It honest-to-god helps.

  4. It makes me feel like a bad person, but there are times that seeing what I don't want to be is just as motivating as seeing what I do want to be.