Thursday, February 24, 2011

5.5, 5.0 and 4.0

My run on Tuesday was a letdown and had me feeling bad. Today, however was a different story. I decided to focus on my speed and listen to my body, which turned into 2 minutes of running at 4mph followed by 1 minute of running at 5.5mph and 1 minute of running at 5.0mph. Rinse. Repeat. 30 minutes. I was tired at the end, but felt great! I am going to assume it was drinking enough water yesterday and today as well as getting my fiber and protein intake a lot higher than my goals. The fact that my recovery time is a 2 minute run shows me the progress that I have made!

T-3 days until my first 10k, which will also be a distance increase of 0.8 miles for my distance run. I might have to walk some of it, but I know I will finish having run most of it.

I am coming to the end of my goals for February, which will extend through the first week of March because I took time initially to decide. I had hoped to have lost some weight by now, but mostly I have just shifted it around and built muscle. Should I go ahead and spend the American Eagle gift card even though it will be on clothes I hope to not fit into 2 months from now? Should I opt for a different reward and hold on to the AE gift card? Tough choices!

Newest piece of gear that would make running outside easier: A cute hat or visor. Nike has one that I like a lot. As I fall deeper into love with my Brooks running shoes, it makes me think a Brooks visor might be the way to go. One more option comes from One More Mile and with sayings such as, 'I Know I Run Like a Girl, Try to Keep Up' their selection, by far, offers the most motivating option. What do you run in for sun and sweat protection that tames your hair?


  1. I have a Brooks running hat that I use in the spring/summer. I don't wear a visor, because I don't want the top of my head to get burned when I run long, like a half.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I post my weekly workouts every Monday, the posts are titled "Plan for the Week". I don't always accomplish the plan, but there are a few two a day options you could check out.
    Good luck in your 5k!

  2. Thanks Katie!
    Jen, I think you're right that a hat would be better than a visor. I think I should get one before my 10k Sunday since I definitely would have benefited from one last weekend when I ran 5.4 miles.

  3. Good luck at your 10K! Remember to smile, talk to other runners, and just enjoy every minute of it. You will do great! Can't wait to read the race recap this weekend.

  4. Thanks Deanna! I will think of this when I am getting tired as I get closer to the 5th and 6th miles.

  5. New follower here! Saw you commented on Watch MeGo run. I think I finally found someone who is around the same level of a runner as me! (It seems like all the other running blogs I read are people who run marathons like all the time.)

    I am running my first official 10K in April, and I hope to run a half marathon after that sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

  6. Good luck Katie!! You'll do just fine and I hope you also have a lot of fun! I tend to just pull me hair back either with a headband (since it's still short) or in a ponytail and don't worry about sweat and sun protection. But I also hate the way I look in any type of baseball-style hat, so I refrain from wearing them. But I think, especially down south as you are, that a full cap is a better idea. Plus you'll find a light-colored cap will keep you cooler since your hair is so dark.

  7. Thanks Maggie! I went with a white, full cap.
    Hi Megan! Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate having other runners who are at the same level as me. It's great to see people who run fast and far, but it's even better to have people who are in the same place as me. Do you have a 10k and a half in mind that you want to run?

  8. 10k! Rock on, soul sister! My vote is that you reward yourself with running gear. As satisfying as it will be to try on clothes from two months ago to find they're too big, it's sort of a waste of adorable EA clothing. Of course, a particularly flattering pair of pants CAN work wonders for a girl's morale. Is there a thrift shop nearby to tide you over?

  9. There is an incredible Good Will nearby, and I would be happy to wander about in there for an afternoon. You're right about it being a waste of cute AE clothing annnnd wonderfully uplifting at the same time. There's no harm in checking out what they have....