Thursday, January 13, 2011

Step in the Right Direction

From mounds of spinach to gallons of plain yogurt, I ate a lot this week! I also learned the value of high protein lunches, with today being the first day that I actually made it through the afternoon without feeling ill from hunger. My salad had feta cheese, strawberries, turkey, carrots, macaroni and a few of those spinach mounds I mentioned before. A bit of vanilla protein powder with almond milk is super yummy and filling. 

For a few days now the bottom, outside part of foot hurts when I step. A lot. I have avoided things like stepping down with my right foot. As you might imagine this makes running quite difficult. Tonight I went for a bike ride and last night I did extra squats instead of lunges and flailed about like a drunken monkey in lieu of jumping jacks. 

Even more bothersome than the pain is the constant reminder to myself that it's ok to ride my bike, even though I had committed to running, since it's to avoid further injury. The bigger picture of this training is really about being healthy and treating myself well, not learning to run a half-marathon on rocky sand. This, by the way, is what it feels like when I step down on my right foot. I guess this experience can be another exercise in self-care and patience, which happen to be ongoing goals of mine.


  1. I know nothing about running (except that it's something I do when the ice cream man doesn't see me on the corner waving that fiver) but my first thought was, "Does she have the right shoes?" If you do, maybe you need to see a foot doctor? Rule out the possibility that there's something medical happening in your foot. If not, you may need to work through it. But it's best to make sure you're not doing any damage. Gotta beat that husband of yours fair and square, you know.

  2. Fair and square, got it ;)
    I went to the doctor today to make sure that I hadn't caused any serious damage, and was glad to hear that I can keep training. She thinks it's likely a minor stress facture with muscle strain. All of which can be attributed to the running shoes I should have replaced in August. I went out on Saturday and actually got fitted for shoes, and can already feel the difference.