Thursday, October 8, 2015

1.9.26 or 665 days

A really long time! It's been 1 year, 9 months and 26 days  since I last blogged on here. I'm sure most of my past followers have purged me from their list, but it's time to start again. I just went through my blog list and updated it, leaving one that I hope comes back someday.

So, what's happened in the last 665 days? Well, I haven't done many races and I haven't actually lost any weight, in fact I've continued to gain weight. However, we did sell our beach house and buy 4 acres so we could live the homesteading dream we've always wanted. And, I joined roller derby. An amazing, full-contact sport full of supportive, bad-ass women; derby is so unbelievably hard! I never skated as a kid, not 'haven't taken lessons since I was a kid', not 'ice skated all the time as a kid', not 'rollerbladed everywhere, but only tried roller skates a dozen times', but actually put roller skates on maybe 3 times total, never in public and never where anyone could make fun of me see. Needless to say, the learning curve has been steep, and I'm incredibly self-conscious so my progression is going at a turtle's pace, but I am progressing, have met some amazing people and have no intentions of quitting.

Me. My very first night. I could barely move on my own, let alone actually skate. A vet skater actually held my hands so I could make 2 laps around the track without the wall. I slipped, fell and hit my head.

Me. My 1 year anniversary. I can now do 18 laps (we have to be able to do 25 in order to pass our minimum skills). I can hop. I can crossover. I can weave. I can skull. I can skate backwards.

I'm signed up for the 10k at Disney's Marathon Weekend in January. I'm signed up for the 10k at Disney's Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend in April. I'm going to sign up for a 5k this month, next month and in December.

My goal? To lose 30 pounds by May. This isn't an arbitrary goal; it's 1 lb/week, the time I will be, hopefully, passing all my minimum skills in derby and ready to bout, and not too far away that it's unreasonable.

And so, I'm back! I'm training like a girl, which also means 'skating like a girl'! Y'all are along for the ride to get me to my goal of burning away 30 pounds of fat, running faster and getting myself onto a derby team.

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