Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Race Recap.... Coming Soon

Life is frustrating me. I am feeling pulled in a thousand different directions with a thousand different things that need to be completed yesterday. This morning, for what may be the first time in my entire life, I legitimately ate a doughnut. My day had really taken a twist I hadn't expected and I was running late for my next meeting - my next 1.5 hour meeting. It was the only option. As it turns out an apple was also an option, which I took with me and inhaled just as quickly as the doughnut.

Why was the Princess 1/2 so special for me? It was the 5th anniversary of the race. It was our fifth wedding anniversary the exact same day. I am heavier than I have been in a long, long time and I had virtually no faith in myself. The lack of faith isn't much of a surprise, but it did feel different this time for some reason. Aside from cheating myself on my training I had done everything possible leading up to the race: lots of water beforehand, avoiding sketchy foods beforehand, and perhaps most important starting early with fuel and water while running.

Turns out it was also special because I am excited for the next race. Now that I've done two 1/2 marathons, I really do mean it that I like that distance. I also really like writing that I've done 2 since 1 could be a fluke. Having completed 2 feels more like a reflection on me, lends a sense of legitimacy to the idea that I am a runner. When I was 18 I got a tattoo, and I still am glad about that decision. In the last two weeks I have been thinking that getting a tattoo that symbolizes 13.1 in some way is what I want. It can't be taken away from me, no matter what, and that is worthy of a permanent reminder on my body. That might sound strange, but I need something concrete to embed it into my being, into my psyche. Are there other ways in which it could be solidified with a tattoo?

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  1. Hi KT80! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!