Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gorgeous Places, Gear, Giveaways and Goals

      Hubs and I took a motorcycle ride with the cousins and their friends to the Gulf Coast this weekend. Cedar Key was gorgeous  
We can't wait to go back! I want to run on the beach and explore the tide pools, state parks and other islands in the area.

 We decided the seafood had to be fresh and local at this place! I went with the clam bisque and some fried shrimp. I also had a coconut, strawberry margarita that was perfect after a 3 hour bike ride in 100 degree heat. 

 We had just enough "stuff" for the weekend, but the bike needs new bags with more space. 

   Last week I received a package from Brooks, with new stuff to try out. It was great! They sent me a beanie for cold weather running,  a pair of socks and a reflective hat.

 I love the color of this hat! You can't see the gap in the back for headphones, score.

I was hesitant about the socks (Infiniti Double Tabs) at first, mostly because they are the low cut kind and I normally go for the crew cut. I used them the other night for my short run, with lots of sprinting and jumping around (I don't know what those exercises are called, but you criss-cross your legs in front and then behind) and they were like butter. I would love to have more of these babies!

I also used the reflective hat, which I desperately needed. I don't have anything reflective or flashy for running when it's dark. I know this is unsafe, and something I can't continue. The hat was comfortable, wicked moisture and the sizing was easy to adjust. I wish the brim was smaller and more easily shaped, but this is definitely function over fashion.

 Me thinks we have a winning combination! 

    *I was not paid or in any other way compensated for posting this review of Brooks' gear. * I continue to be happy with all my Brooks gear. My only complaint, to date, is that they outsource their manufacturing to China.


      Now, for the giveaway part! Thanks to all who entered and welcome to my new followers! 

Using  to determine the winner of the Razzo Roo headband, I congratulate
 Penny from Pink Hat Runner! Penny, send me an email at and
 I will get you in touch with Razzy Roo so you can receive your headband! Enjoy! 

 I've been thinking a lot about my goals for September, and have decided since it's officially Monster Month it is time to ratchet it up a few notches. I've got the swag and the playlist. I've got the runs mapped out. The one thing that keeps tripping me up? Right, nutrition. So, I'm putting it all on the line for September. How do I feel when my carbs are all whole grains? How does my running improve when there are no refined sugars in my diet? How does my mood and motivation increase when my diet is chockfull of words that I can pronounce? That, ladies and gentlemans is exactly what we're going to find out.

Starting tomorrow, my diet will be varied, yummy and filled with whole/real foods. It's not as if this isn't something I want. In fact, this feels right in a way that strikes my core. I am a hippie, crunchy earth mamma who would wear bandanas and hemp everyday if I could get away with it. I also am a fervent believer in the notion that our dollar is our strongest voting mechanism. Why then do I continue to buy highly processed foods (the fact that they are low-calorie and low-fat makes it worse, actually) in hopes of finding health and balance? My body is no better for it and my mind is no quieter. 

For the next month you will hear more about what I'm eating and how it makes me feel. Hopefully I'll post more recipes and pictures, too. This is not going to be easy, but it's the best thing for me and I know that, deep down - where it counts. 

But right now? There are 2 Mike's Black Raspberry Lemonades in the fridge that have got to go before tomorrow. 
I hope your September goals are as difficult, challenging and meaningful as mine. 

Sweet dreams y'all. 


  1. Awesome goals. I really like thinking about food in terms of how it makes me feel (in a good way) - more like fueling my body. Have a great day!

  2. I am trying to eat better food to. But low calorie and processed food make so much easier at night time when I'm tire and lazy. Good Luck on eating whole foods. Sounds like a great plan.